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Sounds from A Night at the Opera - featuring the Remaining Cast

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Here are the three opening screen credits, along with the theme song, Cosi Cosa.

To set the mood, here's a clip from the Anvil Chorus in Verdi's Il Trovatore. During this clip, Fiorello (Chico Marx) and Tomasso (Harpo Marx) are dressed on-stage as gypsies, trying to avoid arrest by the police. During Tomasso's escape, he swings from rope-to-rope on the stage, causing wild sceneries (like the battleship) to lower behind the enraged Lassparri (Walter W. King).

Lassparri (chasing after Tomasso who is dressed in a... well... a dress!): Take off that dress, do you hear me! You dumb idiot, you do as I say or I'll break your neck! Do you hear me? Take off that dress! If I get my hands on you, you'll never hear the end of this!

Fiorello: You gotta some mail for me?
Clerk: Mail for you? You don't work here...
Fiorello: Alright, where am I gonna getta my mail? I no work anyplace!

Otis B. Driftwood (Groucho Marx): Do you rhumba?
Lady: Why, yes - of course I do!
Driftwood: Well take a rhumba from 1 to 10.

Lassparri: Now what do you got to say to me?
Driftwood: Just this - can you sleep on your stomach with such big buttons on your pyjamas?

Driftwood: Do they allow tipping on the boat?
Steward: Oh, yes sir!
Driftwood: Have you got two fives?
Steward: Yes, sir!
Driftwood: Well, then you won't need the ten cents I was gonna give ya.
The full version of the clip from above. Fiorello, Baroni, and the sleeping Tomasso are starved, and convince Driftwood to step out of his pint-sized stateroom and order some food for them from a steward. This is one of the funniest routines, often mentioned by critics as one of the most memorable segments in the film, along with the infamous scene where numerous people begin to fill the cramped cabin to "sardine can" capacity.

Driftwood:Well that's fine. If that steward is deaf and dumb, he'll never know you're in here.
Fiorello: Oh sure, that's alright.
Driftwood (answering a knock on the door): Yes?
Chambermaid: We've come to make up your room.
Fiorello: Are those my hard-boiled eggs?
Driftwood: I can't tell until they get in the room...
Driftwood (answering door): Yes?
Woman: Is my Aunt Minnie in here?
Driftwood: Well, you can come in and prowl around in you wanna. If she isn't in here, you can probably find somebody just as good...
Woman: Well... could I use your phone?
Driftwood: Use the phone? I'll lay ya even money you can't get in the room!
The Overcrowded Cabin routine is probably the most famous scene in this movie. Everyone from the engineer to the ship's manicurist seems to find their way into the pint-sized cabin, which eventually causes it to burst open upon the arrival of Mrs. Claypool. For your enjoyment, it is provided here in its entirety in RealAudio format.

Driftwood: Pardon me... Our distinguished guests are having their shredded wheat. They'll be right out.
VIP (opening his speech paper): Gentlemen! Kind friends...
Driftwood (snatching the speech away): Here, gimme that... Let's cut this short. The whole thing is very simple. They want you to go to City Hall and the mayor is going to make another speech. We can tear up the mayor's speech when we get there.

Sgt. Henderson: You remember me. I'm Henderson, plain-clothes man.
Driftwood: You look more like an old clothes man to me.
Sgt. Henderson: You live here all alone?
Driftwood: Yes, just me and my memories. I'm practically a hermit.
Sgt. Henderson: Hmmm, a hermit. I notice the table's set for four.
Driftwood: That's nothing - my alarm clock is set for eight!

Prior to the opera, Fiorello and Tomasso have replaced a score of music in Il Trovatore with the music from Take Me Out to the Ball Game. At the turn, the music is played, and Driftwood parades down the aisle tossing fresh roasted peanuts to the patrons.

Lassparri: Never in my life have I received such treatment! They threw an apple at me!
Driftwood: Well, watermelons are out of season!

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