Night at the Opera Sounds and Pictures

Sounds from A Night at the Opera - featuring Harpo Marx as Tomasso

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To set the mood, here's a clip from the Anvil Chorus in Verdi's Il Trovatore. During this clip, Fiorello (Chico Marx) and Tomasso are dressed on-stage as gypsies, trying to avoid arrest by the police. During Tomasso's escape, he swings from rope-to-rope on the stage, causing wild sceneries (like the battleship) to lower behind the enraged Lassparri (Walter W. King).

Lassparri (chasing after Tomasso who is dressed in a... well... a dress!): Take off that dress, do you hear me! You dumb idiot, you do as I say or I'll break your neck! Do you hear me? Take off that dress! If I get my hands on you, you'll never hear the end of this!

Harpo playing the instrument he was nicknamed after. There aren't too many people around who can play the harp, let alone play it well, like Harpo did. Surprisingly, Harpo had no idea how to read music! True fact! Read all about it here.

A single honk from Harpo's horn.
A symphony of honks from Harpo's horn. It's either foggy out, or make that twelve more hard-boiled eggs...

Otis B. Driftwood (Groucho Marx): And, uh... two fried eggs, two poached eggs, two scrambled eggs, and two medium-boiled eggs.
Fiorello: And two hard-boiled eggs!
Driftwood: And two hard-boiled eggs.
Tomasso: (Honk!)
Driftwood: Make that three hard-boiled eggs.
The full version of the clip from above. Fiorello, Baroni, and the sleeping Tomasso are starved, and convince Driftwood to step out of his pint-sized stateroom and order some food for them from a steward. This is one of the funniest routines, often mentioned by critics as one of the most memorable segments in the film, along with the infamous scene where numerous people begin to fill the cramped cabin to "sardine can" capacity.

Here's a clip that comes about as close as it gets to hearing Harpo's voice. After being captured as stowaways and locked away in a detention cabin, Tomasso plays Cosi Cosa by blowing into a kazoo and stomping along with the tune, until the kazoo is eventually yanked away from him by an annoyed Fiorello.

Marx Brothers Night at the Opera Treasury
Marx Brothers Night at the Opera Treasury