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Sounds from A Night at the Opera - featuring Siegfried Rumann as Herman Gottlieb

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Mrs. Claypool (Margaret Dumont): Mr. Claypool went to his reward three years ago.
Gottlieb (Siegfried Rumann): And left you all alone.
Mrs. Claypool: All alone...
Gottlieb: With eight million dollars...
Mrs. Claypool: Eight million dollars.
Otis B. Driftwood (Groucho Marx): Listen, Gottlieb, you're just wasting your time. If Mrs. Claypool wants to marry a fortune hunter, she's always got me. And as a matter of fact, you can hardly call me a fortune hunter. Because when I first proposed to Mrs. Claypool, I thought she had only seven million. But the extra million has never interfered with my feelings for her.

Driftwood: Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Well, I made it! How soon does the curtain go up?
Gottlieb: The curtain, Mr. Driftwood, will go up again next season.
Mrs. Claypool: You've missed the entire opera.
Driftwood: Well, I only missed it by a few minutes...

Gottlieb believes that Mrs. Claypool should go out of her way to sign Lassparri to sing - even if it takes $1000 a night to do so. Driftwood, always one to get into the action, voices his opinion.

Gottlieb: So, as Mrs. Claypool's new business manager, I must request you to get out - and stay out!
Driftwood: Just a minute, just a minute. You can't fire me without two week's salary. That's in section 10a of my contract...
Gottlieb: I find that you have overdrawn your salary for the next six months.
Driftwood: Well, in that case I'll take one week's salary...

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