Films Margaret

Date of Birth: October 20, 1889, (Brooklyn, New York)
Date of Death: March 6, 1965

Appeared in these films, amongst others:

The Cocoanuts (1929) as Mrs. Potter
Animal Crackers (1930) as Mrs. Rittenhouse
Girl Habit (1931) as Blanche Ledyard
Duck Soup (1933) as Mrs. Gloria Teasdale
Gridiron Flash (1934) as Mrs. Fields
Fifteen Wives (1934) as Sybilla Crum
Kentucky Kernals (1934) as Mrs. Baxter
Rendezvous (1935) as Mrs. Hendricks
A Night at the Opera (1935) as Mrs. Claypool
After Office Hours (1935) as Mrs. Murchison
The Song and Dance Man (1936) as Mrs. Whitney
Anything Goes (1936) as Mrs. Wentworth
A Day at the Races (1937) as Mrs. Emily Upjohn
High Flyers (1937) as Martha Arlington
Life of the Party (1937) as Mrs. Penner
Youth on Parole (1937) as Mrs. Abernathy
Wise Girl (1937) as Mrs. Bell-Rivington
Dramatic School (1938) as a Pantomime Teacher
At the Circus (1939) as Mrs. Susan Dukesbury
The Women (1939) as Mrs. Wagstaff
The Big Store (1941) as Martha Phelps
For Beauty’s Sake (1941) as Mrs. Franklin Evans
Born to Sing (1942) as Mrs. E. V. Lawson
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break (1942) as Mrs. Hemogloben
About Face (1942) as Mrs. Culpepper
Rhythm Parade (1942) as Ophelia
Sing Your Worries Away (1942) as Flo Faulkner
The Dancing Masters (1943) as Louise Harlan
Up In Arms (1944) as Mrs. Willoughby
Seven Days Ashore (1944) as Mrs. Croxton-Lynch
Bathing Beauty (1944) as Mrs. Allenwood
Diamond Horseshoe (1945) as Mrs. Standish
Sunset in El Dorado (1945) as Aunt Dolly / Aunt Arabella
The Horn Blows at Midnight (1945) as Mme. Traviata / Miss Rodholler 
Little Giant (1946) as Mrs. Hendrickson
Susie Steps Out (1946) as Mrs. Starr
Stop, You’re Killing Me (1952) as Mrs. Whitelaw
Three for Bedroom C (1952) as Mrs. Hawthorne
Shake, Rattle and Rock (1956) as Georgianna Fitzdingle
Zotz! (1962) as Persephone Updike
What a Way to Go! (1964) as Mrs. Foster